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3 Unlikely High Street Alternatives to Topshop

Often, the products sold among the high street stores tend to be the perfect blend of catwalk-meets-reality. Nevertheless, in an age where longevity is valued and trends are becoming less of a priority, my search for a unique wardrobe has led me down style paths I never would have expected. In today’s post, I bring you my unlikely high street alternatives to Topshop.

As a self-confessed shopaholic, its not unusual to spot a digital print or two making the rounds through every major high street store. It can make for a disheartening shopping experience – and the quest for true individual style tiring. Alas, never known for giving up easily, as of recent times I have found myself perusing the rails of taboo-worthy fashion stores.













Marks and Spencers


More commonly associated as your good old granny’s choice of style haunt, our Scottish Bitch love for Marks and Spencers was born out of style pulls from our days as editorial correspondents. As of recent years, the marketing team behind the M&S brand have worked hard to shift the image of the store being a pensioner’s paradise. Of course, we appreciate it takes time to target new markets, but if there’s one thing Marks and Sparks has over all major high street brands at the moment, it’s without a doubt quality. Currently designs range from timeless cuts and styles to edgier PVC compositions (see featured image) that wouldn’t look all that far removed from an Alexander McQueen runway. Ethics are also a large factor in the make-up of the Marks and Spencers brand, and with consumers becoming more focused on sustainability, Marks and Spencers corporate responsibility towards fashion makes for guilt-free spending.



A photo from the Wallis SS15 Campaign



A business of umbrella group, Arcadia, and big sister to Topshop itself, Wallis is an overlooked store by many members of the public – deeming it simply too “old” for their style. The Wallis brand lends itself to the age-old saying: “fashion fades, style is forever,” and with its most recent campaigns, proves that the statement has never been more true. Of course, quality cuts and fabric have always been a signature of the brand – I myself possess early Wallis pieces from the 60’s. You could be forgiven for mistaking the above photograph for a Zara or Mango campaign. Nevertheless, despite the impressive editorial campaign, Wallis itself is a bit of a mixed bag aimed at various target markets – so, venture into the shop open minded and you may just discover your very own treasure trove.










 TK Maxx

The holy grail of bargain hunters, TK Maxx can be a touch off-putting for the average shopper. Despite being caught in hot water by Channel 4’s “Dispatches” last year for pricing and labeling, any hardcore thrifter knows there is a bargain to be found in the store. The store itself houses many of its own labels, in addition to past and current season designer ranges retailing at reduced prices. The trick is to check every single rail in store. There’s no easy way to go about it. Don’t be put off by the granny specials near the front of the store – delve deep and you will be rewarded. Previous finds on my own include Michael Kors, Dolce and Gabbana, Fred Perry and Vivienne Westwood to name a few. Just don’t be duped into buying something because of the low price – I’ve ended up with some serious wardrobe disasters as a result!

High Street Alternatives to Topshop

Of course, these are only three of some serious underrated high street shops. Plus with the added benefit of catering to other markets, it’s the ideal opportunity to treat your granny to a day out at the shops. Do you have any high street alternatives to Topshop? Share with us in the comments below!

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