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5 Beauty Trends to try in Summer 2015

To sum up the year of 2014’s key beauty trends: heavy eyebrows, candy-coloured hair and the dewy fresh-faced sports luxe look. Largely attributed to increasingly popularity of supermodel Cara Delevigne (and her signature eyebrows) these three trends led to a definitive year of the grunge revival – you could be forgiven for thinking you had been transported back to the 90s. This year has brought about a turn in direction and Pantone’s colour of the year has had an undeniable influence across the fashion and beauty landscape. We give you the rundown on the top five beauty trends to try in summer 2015.




Farewell Foundation


As the “fitspiration” trend continues to grow in popularity, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the quality of their favourite cosmetics and the direct impact they have on their health. Fed up of never-ending clogged pores, caked-in powder and thick slimy masks, make-up lovers are swapping out foundation for BB creams. A relatively new concept to the western market, BB creams – or blemish balms – have grown increasingly popular for their skincare benefits. Having sustained popularity in the Asian markets for a considerable period of time, BB creams provide a hydrating solution to mainstream foundation make-up and is to be noted for its anti-inflammatory and blemish-reducing properties. These creams tend to include an SPF factor – making them ideal for wearing in the summer sun. However, be warned – the SPF factor is usually fairly low and it’s not a good idea to scrimp on the sun lotion.






This year’s key trend is the 1970s: flares, mahogany and maroon tones and all-round bohemian chic is here to stay. Channel your inner Stevie Nicks this summer with a full fringe. Bring your hair-do’ up to date by asking your hairdresser for a fringe that is slightly shorter toward the middle of your face and think more along the lines of Alexa Chung than your mum’s high school yearbook photos. Bonus tip: keep sea salt spray to hand to create loose beach waves to compliment your fringe – instant summer-ready hair in minutes!





Buongiorno Balayage


Ladies, ombre is officially a thing of the past. Swap out your dip-dye roots for something a little more…well, everything. This dying process creates the effect of natural sun-kissed hair using a multitude of colours and painted-on blending techniques so hair is one massive miasma of colour and pretty much free of any of the distinctive blocks of colour associated with ombre styling. Celebs such as Jessica Biel and Lana Del Rey have been spotted recently sporting balayage styles, so it could be time to book into the hairdressers for your very own beautifully blended summer do’.




Powerful Pink Pouts

We’re not going to lie – we’ve been waiting for this one to come back into season. Shocking pink pouts are back and we’re moving from Barney the Dinosaur purple hues to full on Barbie. Tipped by several high-end make-up manufacturers as the new “red lip”, the trend has been spotted on several red carpets already this year. Fearful of wearing such a pigmented colour? The good news is, like red lipstick, there’s a powered-up pink hue for every skin tone out there. Just ask for a swatch test at your local make-up concession.



Beautiful Bronzes

Of course, no 70’s colour palette would be complete without a healthy dose of earthy tones. This is the year to embrace nudes, bronzes and browns as the key eye make-up of the year. Looking to inject a little glam into your make-up kit for this season? Choose a light bronze shimmer as a crease colour upon a matte brown eyeshadow base. A little shimmer can go a long way and depending on how heavy you apply your shimmer, it can translate from the office to evening-appropriate make-up in just a flick of a brush.


Personally, we’re already fans of the S/S 2015 beauty palette – it certainly makes for a refreshing change from graphic eyeliner, high maintenance hairstyles and cliche lip paint. Undeniably, this season’s beauty trends will prove to be flattering to the masses and it is due time to retire those My Little Pony extensions to the back of the wardrobe, or more preferably, the bin. All we’ll say is, we’re glad these are the chosen beauty trends to try in summer 2015.



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