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How to Wear the 70’s Trend this Summer

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Our fashion prayers have finally been answered. This summer, the 90’s are finally out and the 70’s are back in. Yes, that’s right – it’s time to crack out those flares, rock the platforms and bid farewell to those horrendously unflattering jean shorts (“Jorts.”) Of course, in the modern day world, rocking the 70’s trend can be a little difficult to balance. In today’s post, we show you how to rock the summer trend without you and your friends checking in as the new local Abba tribute act.






Think Stevie.


1970’s are considered an iconic period not just for fashion, but also a defining era for music. Considered one of the greatest albums of all time, 1977 brought the release”Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac, and with it none other than boho goddess, Stevie Nicks. Looking for your 70’s trend inspiration? Look no further. “It” girl of the 70’s and all round beauty, Stevie Nicks set the standard to aspire to in the fashion community. Noted for favouring flowing silhouettes and many wonderful hats, Stevie is the epitome of the style of the 70’s and taken out of her era, her style survives the test of time.


Take Inspiration from Marsala.


Without a doubt a contributing factor to this year’s 70’s trend, Pantone’s colour of the year, Marsala is the foundation of wardrobes this season. Rusty, seductive and embodying tones of the 70’s, this tone is the current baseline for almost all major high street store collections and just rich enough to be used as an accent tone when accessorizing. Look to update your wardrobe by incorporating classic wardrobe staples in Marsala into your daily style. For beauty, utilize bronze shimmers and tawny tones to accentuate the look further and release your inner Jane Birkin.






Get a Fringe.


One of the quickest ways to change your overall look is to get a fringe. Many of the 70’s style icons were known for sporting soft, feathery fringes that spun the width of their face. Not quite as harsh as straight block bangs, ladies of the 70’s kept things flattering by starting shorter in the centre of the fringe leading into longer layers blending back in the hair. Not keen on a fringe for your face-shape? Inject a dash of bohemian 70’s into your look by accessorizing with free-flowing headbands.


Swap out for Suede.


If there’s every been a textile to define the 70’s, it’s without a doubt suede. Usually accompanied by some serious fringing, this napped leather is the essential factor in achieving a en-point 70’s wardrobe. Avoid old vintage suede jackets and keep your look up to date with a statement tote bag, waist belt or even waistcoat. Bonus points for a suede statement in Marsala.






Channeling the 70’s Trend


This year’s 70’s trend is a somewhat unsurprising evolution from the previous note of 90’s last summer. With music festivals such as Coachella redefining the term of “hippy” and modern-day icons like Alexa Chung leading the way, let’s hope that the 70’s are here to stay for a while longer.

How are you planning to incorporate the 70’s trend into your summer wardrobe? Share with us in the comments below!

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