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The 2016 Scottish Bitch Christmas List

Bloody hell, it’s cold. Cliff Richard’s “Mistletoe and Wine” is really beginning to grate and the shops are becoming increasingly busy, whilst shelves become worringly sparse which can mean only one thing: Christmas is coming. If you, like almost every other person in the world manage to somehow leave Christmas shopping to the final month, despite having 48 weeks a year to plan out the occasion and are now desperately wondering what to buy your Bitch, then do not fear: our definitive shopping list for Xmas 2016 is here.

vva handbags

For: the It Girl

Less a stocking filler and more “the Big One,” – gifting that special lady in your life with a Wardrobe Investment is a big deal. Don’t worry – we know buying clothes is a bit of a tricky one for yourself, let alone your lady, however, VVA Handbags may just have the answer. Following the launch of their “VVA Creates” campaign earlier this winter, accessory fanatics can now create their literal dream bag in three easy steps:

  1. Selecting their custom bag style (tote, satchel, shoulder, etc.)
  2. Adding a clip-on clutch as an accent.
  3. Embellishing the masterpiece with an accessory.

It’s simply impossible to go wrong – and even if you by some miracle do, your lady can easily switch out their accessories to match their desires.  Prices begin at £350 for a fully kitted out real-leather bag – but it’ll be well worth it to see the look on her face!


For: the Magpie

It’s no secret we’re serious Sleekit fans at Scottish Bitches, so it should come as no surprise the recent collection of Sleekit Scarves have made their way into our Christmas lists. Pastel hues complete with Alexander McQueen’esque borders and Sleekit signature illustrations will make your lovely lady explode with glee.

Scarves begin at £150.00 – but you just can’t put a price on talent like that.

laser hair removal

For: Stig of the Dump

Is your mum growing a moustache in her old age? Does your sister resemble Sully from Monsters Inc? The truth is being a woman is tough. There’s no doubt about it – being a woman in modern day is exhausting – so treat your hairy friend to some “me” time with a set of Soprano ICE laser hair removal sessions.

Worried your loved one may feel squeamish at the “pain”? The technology of the Soprano ICE makes it practically a myth. Book in with Yuu Beauty for as little as £28 per session.


For: A Spexy Santa

Glasses are a very personal thing – often their on the face of the wearer everyday – so only have one or two pairs is like having only one or two pairs of shoes. It’s simply never enough.

Shopping for specs is never an easy task – it always seems to cost more by the time you’ve made it to the till – lenses, coating, frames and all – but check into IOLLA’s and you’ll pay no more than £65* for any set in the shop.

Trust us on this: get the glecks.


For: Bambi

Is the lady in your life an actual Disney princess? Spoil them like the royalty they are and book them in for a set of eyelash extensions with an expert technician like Sarah Newton. These extensions can last for up to three months, making your present less of a one-off, and more of an experience.

Be warned – you may just be besotted with their peepers once their two-to-three hour pamper session is over. Prices start from just £50.

Rawnchy Desserts, interview, gluten free, sugar free, vegan, cake, Scottish Bitches blog

For: The Pie

If you’re filling up a stocking without some serious scran, then, you quite frankly, are a monster. No Christmas is complete without an actual feast of cake, chocolate and all those naughty but nice tasty treats. Of course, that doesn’t mean to say the diet has to go right out the window – a little raw truffle or two from Poppy at RAWNCHY desserts is sure to appease after a beast of a turkey sandwich.

Prices available upon enquiry.

Go Local for Christmas

There’s not a Soap and Glory boxset to be seen on our Christmas list – and for good reason. Every single business featured on our list has made the ranks with merit. Each business is local – and homegrown within Scotland itself – a testament in light of the increasing economic and environmental pressures that 2016 has brought.

The thing is, buying local doesn’t just make your Scottish Bitch’s Christmas, it makes the business owner’s too.

Do it different this year, and step away from high street – you’ll walk away with a truly memorable stocking.

Marketer by day, cake monster by night. Laura is a self-confessed crazy cat lady. She believes there's nothing better than a great pair of leather loafers.

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