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The Birthday Bitch Playlist

It is Saturday night, and you’ve got a hot date, or hangout time with the girls, or you want to play dress up (I do the latter the most often). You’ve got a closet full of clothes, make-up scattered across the dresser. The only thing missing now is the music!

Whether I’m getting ready for my afternoon shift at work, or taking a shower, I have designated playlists that motivate me to try new styles, remind myself that I am funny and pretty and smart, and keep track of the time!

For my most recent birthday I made 4 playlists – the master one entitled “Birthday Bitch”. The other 3 were separated by genre – folk, rap, and pop. The Birthday Bitch playlist has been my go to when getting ready for the day.

Channel your inner Scottish Bitch. Hit up the tunes below!

What music inspires your style? What’s your current setlist for a Saturday night? Share with us in the comments below!

Sara Whittington is a genderqueer artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Their favorite cake is a lemon jelly cake from a 100 year old family recipe. They have a substantial collection of Swatches, hats, and stickers.

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