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Trends I’d Like to See Die – SS2016 Edition

With every season, comes a myriad of high-street trends that can leave a Scottish Bitch utterly baffled. No matter the seductive promises Fashion Week kindly delivers twice a year, there’s always guaranteed to be a resulting fad that can leave one questioning, “have birds actually pecked your eyes out?” Presenting: Trends I’d Like to See Die – the SS2016 edition.

Ripped Jeans

Maybe it’s just me, but when I buy a brand new pair of jeans, I often look for a pair that’s intact. The ripped jeans trend is a direct descendant of the 90’s grunge revival and plays into the “unkempt” and “messy” vibes sought out by nostalgia hunters.

Whilst I can understand the appeal, I’m at a loss for why individuals are choosing to spend anywhere between £30-£150 on jeans with slashed knees as opposed to whipping out the old DIY scissors to revive an unloved pair from the back of the wardrobe.


I’ll be the first to admit – I’d already bought my statement suede biker at the end of 2014, with foresight to the 2015 70’s trend. Suede is good – it’s a texture that’s been missing from our runways for quite a while now. I had naively hoped that it would be limited to just that – statement pieces.

However, as 2015 progressed, it was with horrific realisation that high street brands had done it once again – and taken what could have been wonderful and applied it to every known item of clothing, from button up shirts, to even suede t-shirts, the trend had infected every corner of high-street stores, often in excessive fringe form.

If there’s ever been a time to make the case to append the phrase “fashion has no limits” to “fashion has no limits – within reason”, it’s now. It’s just suede for the sake of suede.


Sheer Fabric

The sheer trend reared it’s ugly head quite a number of seasons ago – which led to high-street retailers taking the movement as a cue to begin producing collections by the polyester boat load. Of course, nobody can blame retailers for attempting to keep profit margins high, but I’m calling time on this cheap, nasty fabric.

In fact, I’m so repulsed by this trend, my actual body has began to reject the cheaper of the fabrics, throwing up hives after a day’s wearing. As far as trends I’d like to see die in 2016, anything that invokes an allergy is at the top of my list. Thankfully, after observing the SS2016 collections filtering their way into mainstream stores over the past few months, it seems that sheer is at the end of it’s days – with other fabrics (suede) taking the limelight.



Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m as partial to a good slogan tee as the next person, however, where I draw the line is at the micro-culture of “Bae.” You know the types I’m talking about – the social media driven “hashtag-out-your-nut” numbers that create the perception that a wardrobe is but a walking smartphone. Asides from the fact, it’s undeniably tacky as hell and limited by the lifespan of what’s dubbed en vogue by social media influencers, I also feel there’s quite a disconnect between the brands producing these t-shirts and their market base.

To me, these types of slogans do nothing but create a rather shallow persona – I like to think women are articulate enough to express their independence far more eloquently than having “NOT YOUR BAE” slapped across the chest.



The “My Little Pony” trend is still in full force, and whilst I can absolutely get behind beautiful pastel toned hair in lilac and rose gold, I can’t help but be a little bemused the “glitter” mania that continues to reign within the fashion industry.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of glitter during the festive period but when towards the latter half of 2015, the two hipster trends of facial hair and sparkle mated together, the birth of the glitter beard proved to be just too much for me. It’s a bizarre trend and as to why any grown adult would wish to aspire to resemble a Christmas decoration is beyond me, but each to their own.

That being said, I do have to give an honorable mention to the glitter jobby. I have to respect any individual who has the audacity to exploit a trend, profit from it and quite literally take a dump on it too.


Trends I’d Like to See Die – SS16

Keeping a beady eye on the trends beginning to emerge on the high street, I’m feeling fairly optimistic about the upcoming SS16 season. The promise of the reworked classics such as the white shirt have stirred the rumblings of hunger from deep within my belly. As far predicting what the new “suede”is going to be, I’m hedging my bets on a hardcore structured denim revolution.

What trends would you like to see die in 2016? Think we’re wrong about a trend? Tell us why and share with us in the comments!


Marketer by day, cake monster by night. Laura is a self-confessed crazy cat lady. She believes there's nothing better than a great pair of leather loafers.


  • LOL funny post
    I agree with you on so many things here, the ripped jeans are a good start, you’re not the only one!.


    • Ahh, music to my ears, Carolina! A lady who knows true style. ;) Thanks for stopping by!

      L x

  • I agree with the slogans, but I do have a few pairs of ripped jeans…one of them had a lot of rips but I just got rid of it because they didn’t fit me anymore =/ But I am kind of over them now! My style has changed a lot recently, too- which I think naturally happens to all of us over time and it keeps things interesting :)

    • Ripped jeans can work well – it’s more the fact certain brands think they can charge a small fortune when, really it’s a super quick DIY! You’re totally right – style does evolve – I have s totally different wardrobe to what I did this time last year! As for growing out of jeans…it just means it’s time for a shopping spree ;)

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

      L x


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