About Us

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Once upon a time, there were two creatives by the name of Laura McKinnon and Corrine McConnachie...

A photographer and journalist double act, the two were known by friends and colleagues alike for their fondness of all things cake and couture.

One crisp day, many moons ago, Corrine and Laura were preparing for the first of many catwalks at the industry-event of London Fashion Week. Known for its highly intensive and inspiring days, the girls were familiar with the concept that grabbing a quick bite to eat during fashion week was but a rarity.

Unable to face yet another lunchtime of seaweed rolls, the girls hatched a crafty plan – to stuff their beloved handbags full of crisps, sandwiches and all things satisfying to the Scottish palette the morning before another round of runways.

With their quest firmly underway, the pair ventured to a local Tesco Express, and their plight was rewarded with the holy grail of all things glazed and wonderful:

“Donuts!” exclaimed the pair, having finally reached the unhealthy oasis in a desert of low-calorie popcorn.

“Go on ya Scottish Bitches!” Came the unexpected teuchter rebuttal from a passer-by, decked out in a Scottish rugby shirt.

Just like that, the concept of a Scottish Bitch was born.

Under the “Scottish Bitches” blog, Corrine and Laura aim to explore the latest in fashion, lifestyle and beauty, offering their own unique take and insider perspective on what’s hot and what’s not, all whilst adhering to the SB mantra: “live by the catwalk, die by the donut.”