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Introducing Mud Urban Flowers - The Florist That'll Give You Instagram Envy

Introducing Mud Urban Flowers - The Florist That'll Give You Instagram Envy

If there's one certain way to make all of your Instagram followers envious, it's to upload a snap of your latest Mud Urban Flowers bouquet.

Formed in 2017, Mud was conceived to help meet the need in the market for flowers on demand. Positioned to offer same day delivery (up until 10am) through online ordering, Mud quickly amassed a strong following across social media, thanks to its vibrant, colourful and unusual bouquets - available at two affordable price points, Little (£19) and Luxe (£39).

Continuing the theme of convenience, Mud has also tapped into the growing popularity of the subscription model, enabling customers to receive regular flowers on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis with prices beginning at just £100 for six deliveries of flowers (and a free vase.)

We caught up with Mud's co-founder and Creative Director, Chloe Milligan, to find out more about the brand.


Hi Chloe! Mud is the little cousin brand to Mood Flowers. Tell about how it all began and who’s behind the brand!

Mud is quite literally Mood’s little cousin. Nick Priestly (owner of Mood Flowers) is my big cousin. We’ve worked on and off together for the last seven years and we have a lot of mutual friends within the industry. At the start of 2017, we decided it was time to start something together and hence, Mud was born!

Your Instagram is an absolute killer. Tell us about how you decided to come up with the Mud aesthetic! 

We wanted the brand to represent us. The Instagram features a lot of beautiful pretty flowers, and a bit of grunge! We want to keep it real, you’re seeing exactly what we’re up to day to day. We change our bouquet daily, so there’s always something fresh to upload.

Everyday you release a new bouquet! How do you choose the next bouquet? 

Usually it starts with a flower, or a colour palette and we build the bouquet from there. We're big on unusual colour palettes and seasonal flowers such as peonies in summer and tulips in spring, which are always firm favourites with our customers. 

Online flowers are genius! What’s been the biggest challenge of breaking into the market? 

It’s always difficult selling through the internet, as people can only see a photo and can’t touch or smell the flowers. However, I think people have quickly realised that they can trust us - we make the bouquets up a couple of days before, the photos are taken on my iPhone and customers are getting exactly what they see. 

Take us through your typical day at Mud Urban.

Usually it starts at the market, whether we’re choosing new products to design later date bouquets or picking up that day’s flowers. Then it’s straight to the studio to make up bouquets, as well as keeping an eye on last minute orders. Around 10am we finish packing and labelling all the orders before our deliveries head out on the road. I usually spend my afternoons on social media, replying to emails and in meetings discussing new ways to build the brand. 

What’s on the cards for Mud in 2018?

More Muds! Mid February we started delivering in Edinburgh and we will add more postcodes and open franchises in new locations later this year. All to be revealed! 

Confession time: I’m the worst at keeping flowers alive longer than a few days. What are your tips for making a bouquet last longer?

Fresh water and cut your stems. That’s the two main ones. Also think about where you sit your flowers, if it’s sun trap or next to the radiator...they’re not going to last long. 


In love? Order your own bouquet from Mud Urban Flowers now.

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