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Bigger, Bolder, Better - IOLLA's S/S 2018 Collection

Bigger, Bolder, Better - IOLLA's S/S 2018 Collection

Things are looking blooming wonderful for IOLLA in Spring 2018, with the arrival of their seriously stylish new collection and the opening of a brand new showroom! 

Since the launch of the spectacular start-up in Glasgow just over two and a half years ago, IOLLA has grown from strength to strength and found itself nestled firmly within the hearts of not just west-end goes of Glasgow, but glasses-wearers up and down the length of the country. 

With the worrying reports of big high-street fashion brands like New Look, H&M and Next reporting losses, it wouldn’t be unexpected to hear of small businesses with a brick and mortar presence struggling. However, the winning combination of a no-pressure “try before you buy” showroom, extremely competitive pricing and a slick, easy-to-use online store, IOLLA has thriven despite the odds and delivered a sorely needed breathe of fresh air to the high street. 

In February this year, IOLLA took the next step in expansion, planting more roots down with a showroom in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Based on the successes of the original Finnieston showroom, the new location has been designed around creating the “perfect environment” for spec shoppers. This means plenty of natural light, a cool combo of traditional-meets-modern decor and just the right background noise to make browsing relaxed. In other words: an Instagram moment. 

The opening of the Edinburgh showroom comes coupled with the launch of a brand new collection, boasting five bold new styles: Napier, Scott, Banks, Somerville as well as the reinvention of a popular IOLLA frame - the Livingstone II. If the trouble to pick a new favourite wasn't enough, the collection release also sees a colour update to many of the most popular IOLLA frames. 

The New IOLLA Frames - Napier

For those bored of playing it safe, Napier is the perfect example of a modern take on a classic frame. Subtle enough to go with any outfit, the unique metal bridge between the nose keeps this frame bold, without going overboard. 



A fresh take on the aviator trend of 2017, the Scott frame is equal parts bold and understated. Coming in a range of shades including brushed silver and chrome gold - with and without piping, this frame is certain to delight the fashion-forward. 



The new Scott frames invite the wearer to choose to be bold, and stand out from the crowd. A step beyond a classic frame, the strong metal brow bar is certain to draw some looks - and for all the right reasons. 



Is this the boldest IOLLA frame to date? Could it beat the success of the super popular Ingles frame? Quite possibly. There’s no doubt about it - the Somerville frame is nothing but a statement. Feeling the draw, but worried you can’t you pull it off? Don’t be. There’s never been a pair of frames sexier. 

Livingstone II

Introducing Livingstone's big brother: a bigger and bolder character. Keeping the prominent brow line of it's predecessor, the Livingstone II notably features a rounded lens shape, creating an appealing juxtaposition between soft and hard lines. 


Of course, what would a spring launch be without an update to sunglasses too? Wearers of polarised and prescription sunglasses needn’t worry - all new frames (except for Napier) will be available in a sunshine friendly version. 

All glasses and sunglasses are priced at £65 (or £125 for vari-focals.) Ready to get your glecks for spring? Shop the new IOLLA collection now.

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