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Summer Style with Tobi

Summer Style with Tobi

The sun is out and we’ve finally seen the back of “the beast from the east” with Scots embracing no vests in the west during the “taps aff” temperatures this weekend. It seems evenings basking in beer gardens are looming on the horizon, and so there no better time than the present to start building the summer wardrobe. Luckily, LA based brand Tobi have covered all bases with their latest collection!

Inspired by the beachy cost of downtown LA, Tobi embody the passion, energy, freedom and eclectic mix of styles seen on America’s sunny west coast with each item they design, and the great news is that they can deliver and cater to customers in 150 countries. 

Looking ahead to the summer months, we’ve narrowed down our top picks from the latest Tobi collection to bring the street style of Venice Beach to Scotland.

Laura's Choices

I'll be honest, summer isn't my favourite season. I've always preferred the promise of layers, deep rich tones and the textures that autumn and winter bring. This tendency to dress for the cold is not particularly compatible, however, with my love for visiting tropical destinations across south-east Asia! 

Summer trends over the past few years have been particularly strong thanks to the 70's influence that has been penetrating high street fashion - and as a result, I'm a far more contented shopper! In my search for the perfect summer-themed outfit, Tobi offered no shortage in selection for this fussy dresser! 

The Striped Shirt Summer Staple (Reinvented)

A blue striped shirt is a summer classic. Typically seen modelled in an oxford style, this light blue shirt can be styled to suit a number of season-appropriate trends: preppy, pastel and nautical, for example.

It is a timeless classic that can be worn by all ages: oversized with high-waisted skinnies for a casual weekend brunch, fitted and tucked into a pair of cigarette trousers for a workwear appropriate vibe, or even slung over the top of a maxi dress - a personal favourite for covering-up shoulders in situations that require a little more modesty - such as visiting a cultural place of interest (like a temple) on holiday! 

My Tobi pick offers the best of both worlds: classic style combined with this season's love affair with wrap style. Branching away from neutrals, I opted to wear with wrap top with pastel pink peg-leg trousers - an outfit ideal for wining and dining al fresco with friends! 


The Classic Boyfriend Blazer

It's no secret that Scotland can experience four seasons in a day so having a boyfriend blazer close to hand is never a bad idea. 

Whether your summer wardrobe is composed of pastels, neon brights, vibrant hues or even dominated by neutrals, a black blazer can go a long way in helping to dress up or tone down an outfit. 

Heading to a wedding? A blazer will keep the chill from your shoulders, but keep your outfit occasion-appropriate. Have a big presentation at work? An over-sized cotton blazer is the ideal piece to help you breeze through the task at hand without melting under the heat (and pressure!) 


The Dotty-About-Bardot Dress

Having grown up more of a tom-boy than a girly girl, it can sometimes be hard to swallow the floral, flirty patterns that summer brings. 

However, being more "rock n' roll" than "festival boho chic" doesn't mean having to sacrifice your femininity.

It's all in the details: toughening up a traditional skater style dress with a leather jacket (like mine from Marks and Spencers!) is a good start. Opting for en-trend necklines like the Bardot off-the-shoulder will help to make a statement, and the little details like a polka-dot print will allow you to express your individuality, without going all-out. 

Corrine’s Choices

I have always struggled with summer styling. This probably has a lot to do with the Scottish weather and my love of jumpers, layering and autumnal mustard and burgundy hues! However, I am looking forward to a holiday in Madrid, embracing the sun and with it a new wardrobe.

I was spoiled for choice when browsing the Tobi collection, particularly their expansive range of dresses, but I finally managed to narrow down my top three choices for summer 2018!

The Wedding Guest Dress

Summer is a popular time for weddings and with a couple slotted in the diary already I thought I would get a head start on sourcing an outfit. 

Nailing the wedding guest outfit can be a tricky task. Ideally you want something that is special and stylish yet understated. The Tobi Sweetly Scalloped Rose Shift Dress ticks all the boxes.

I confess to be a massive fan of the shift dress for several reasons. The shift dress has stood the test of time from the 1920s flapper girls to the iconic Twiggy inspired 60s reincarnation to today’s revival. It can also be dressed up for a special occasion, like a wedding, and can be dressed down for kicking about the beach on holiday.

This particular shift dress is ideal for a summer wedding, with a light chiffon material, dusty pastel colour and very on-trend scalloped hem.

A simple yet stylish option, I chose to match the Sweetly Scalloped dress with blue pastel heels, a classic white blazer and Katie Loxton 'Talk to the Bag' clutch.

The Multi-Purpose Holiday Dress

As we all know too well, when the sun makes a rare appearance in Scotland a couple of daytime drinks can often lead to a full blown night out, which is when the multi-purpose summer dress comes into its own. Such a dress is also ideal if you are planning on packing light for a holiday.

I was immediately drawn to the Shape Shifter Lavendar and White Mini Dress from Tobi. The tennis style offers a unique take on the current 90s sports luxe trend, which I love, and it also looks good when paired with heels or trainers... what more can a girl want? 

I styled the mini dress for daywear with vans and an oversized vintage Levi jacket for edge. This sports luxe shift will certainly be a staple of my summer wardrobe for 2018!

Goth in Summer Dress

If Irn-Bru adverts have taught us anything it is that goths like summer too… and possibly a sugar induced rollercoaster ride! 

I must admit that I am a bit of a goth at heart. My teenage wardrobe stands as evidence with its many shades of black, which perhaps explains this rather unconventional pick

Whilst a tartan dress is traditionally not a summer option, I could not help but fall for the Tobi Plaid Behaviour Green and Black Dress. With cut outs, ruffles and bow detail, this fitted dress is very flattering and is ideal for the transition from winter, to spring and summer. 

As it is still generally somewhat chilly (it is only April after all), I have gone for a grungy rock and roll look pairing this dress with a biker jacket, heeled Chelsea boots and a red lip.

More about Tobi

As lovers of winter, oversized coats and styling layer upon layer, winning over a Scottish Bitch with a summer collection can be a tricky task but Tobi certainly exceeded our expectations!

With hundreds of options, from reinvented classics like the boyfriend blazer and striped oxford wrap shirt to edgy on-trend sports luxe items, Tobi ticks all the boxes. Get started building your summer wardrobe and browse the Tobi collection now.

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