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Boston and Backpacks - A Style Observation

Boston and Backpacks - A Style Observation

Last weekend I had the privilege of visiting my sister in Boston, MA. We got to catch up, eat homemade pull-apart cinnamon roll bread, and binge-watch the first season of American Crime Story. It had been a while since I visited a college town, and even longer since I had been on a college campus, living in a dorm, using dining swipes to pay for meals, and having to show an ID to enter buildings associated with the college. However, some things were familiar: one being typical student attire.

In Boston, just like other college towns around the country, students could be seen in a uniform of sweatpants, leggings, jumpers, and trainers. But the one thing made each student stand out from the others: accessories. These small details gave away far more than just an accentuation of their outfit - they were in fact, a visual confession of their style, major, and hobbies.

Backpacks are a staple for any student, and a perfect example of how a seemingly simple and everyday accessory can have a big impact on an outfit. On my trip to Boston, the first type I observed were of the small leather day-to-day designer variety - the type of backpack that could also easily substitute as a purse. With these, the owner could be quickly identified as a student living on the fringes of edgy style. The persona provided clues about their lifestyle - the chosen texture indicated they were likely to go off campus more often than other students, seeing that these bags transition perfectly from the classroom to coffee shops. Enamel pins were worthy of extra style points.


On the NYC grind with @ShamMaurice, photographed by @george_elder for @complex. #CoachMens2016

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Medium-sized Herschel bags were a popular choice for many students. Coming in the form of many different identities, these bags could taken on the appearance of preppy and patterned, or a simply a solid color. A personal preference of mine, these backpacks are dependable; a staple that has style but is very versatile - and moderately priced. If you can snag one on sale, even better!


For the first time, the popular Pop Quiz silhouette is introduced to the #StudioCollection. Link in bio.

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Finally, the final micro trend of Boston backpacks was that of Fjallraven Kanken. The most heavily adopted were the navy complete with a statement red logo. These were the largest backpacks I saw, and had a practical but relaxed vibe. The skew towards sports-luxe would guess that students who owned these backpacks were more involved in athletics than the other students.



Boston and Backpacks - A Lesson in Style Identity

Even if you aren’t a student, small touches to what could be considered a uniform can go a long way. I have a large selection of watches and Keds, and choosing which watch and trainer I wear each day can make a significant impact on my outfit. I can easily go from playful to classic to edgy depending on what I pick. Having options like these can make me feel powerful, and in control of my appearance - much like the students of Boston.

What accessories do you use that show your personality, and can make a uniform stand out from others? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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