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The Micro Fringe - To Snip or Not to Snip?

The Micro Fringe - To Snip or Not to Snip?

If there's ever been a defining "cool girl" hair statement to make, it's the micro fringe. Considered possibly even more radical than a pixie cut, micro fringes are only for the daring - leaving no place to hide, and with every celebrity from Audrey Hepburn to Emma Watson donning a shortie at some point in their careers, baby bangs have been a source of high contention for fashionistas.

Like all risky fashion trends, micro fringes tend to ignite a "Marmite" reaction from the masses - some embrace it, others are repulsed by it. For some, it's gaudy, and looks like a toddler has run amock with a pair of safety scissors, but for others, it helps to break up "safe" bobs and add a little more rock n' roll to day to day style.

When you accidently sneeze while cutting Beyonce's bangs

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Micro bangs are seeing a re-emergence in popularity thanks to the SS16 runways, with an impressive roll call of Prada, Gucci, Lanvin, Alexander Wang, Christopher Kane and Marc Jacobs all featuring the baby bang trend at varying lengths. The micro fringe trend is evident everywhere this summer - from Zara product photography, right through to an uptake of style bloggers owning a shortie. Consequently, women everywhere are faced with the question - to snip or not to snip?

That is, the micro fringe question.

micro fringe
micro fringe

The Case for the Micro Fringe

If you're already at the stage where you basically have your own dedicated Pinterest board, then the chances are there's no stopping you. But before you take the plunge, there are a few things to take into consideration. For starters, the addition of baby bangs will transform your hair into a high commitment do.

With any fringe, grease and oil from the forehead will build up more quickly, so adapting to a routine of fringe-exclusive washes in the morning will be necessary, as well as an arsenal of dry shampoo.

That being said, if you quickly master your baby bangs blow drying technique, this process can be reduced to just a few minutes in the morning - a small price to pay for runway ready hair, all day, every day.

Ready for the chop? Here's what you need to know:

Always Cut Longer

I can be a bit scissor happy at the best of times, so really the first rule of thumb is probably don't decide to cut your own hair after two glasses of white wine. Unlike me, choose the sensible route and avoid the YouTube videos - head straight to the hairdresser as cutting in the underlying shape is the most critical part to successful baby bangs. We consulted Hair Guru and salon manager, Sue Robertson from BLOW on the matter:

"Primarily, an experienced stylist with super sharp scissors makes a micro fringe great. Knowing how deep or how high to take it only comes with experience. The lack of a 'cow's lick' is a bonus!"

Whilst baby bangs are, well, short in nature, the reality of cutting them high can land you smack bang in the face when they are revealed to you in the mirror. What looks short on some people, may in fact look microscopic on your face shape, so work gradually shorter - start with just above the eyebrows, and settle in from there.

It's always easier to cut shorter, but the process of growing bangs out of regret will become only ever more excruciating if you end up "fringe-bald" by over enthusiastic snippery.

micro fringe
micro fringe

Consider Your Face Shape

Perhaps the most obvious one of all, considering your face shape during all major hair changes is critical. A quick Google about face shapes and baby bangs may be enough to put you off the chop, but often a lot of these articles are actually very poorly informed. For instance, the bold statement that "round faces will not suit baby bangs" couldn't be further from the truth - just ask Jennifer Goodwyn.

Your face shape won't dictate if you can have a micro fringe or not, but what it will dictate is exactly how short you should go. Choose wisely.

Consider Your Personality

A not so obvious, but equally important factor is your own personality. Are you a wallflower that prefers to hide behind flowing long tresses and Wayfarer glasses? The chances are micro bangs are not for you. The biggest issue for many with baby fringes is that they in fact leave very little room to hide - meaning your entire face is out to party.

More of an introvert than extrovert? This trend is possibly one to pass on.

micro fringe
micro fringe

Maintaining Your Micro Fringe

The good news is, if you're confident baby bangs are a good fit for your face and personality, then there's no reason not to go for it. Sue from BLOW explains:

"The beauty of a micro fringe is that it suits so many styles from long to short providing the hair in general is well cut. A jaw-length oriental bob is a personal fave. It totally rocks."

Of course, with great bangs, comes great responsibility and whilst it may seem your hair takes forever to grow, your mini fringe will sprout like nobody's business; "Ideally a micro fringe should be trimmed every four weeks." Says Sue, "Every individual hair grows at a different rate so to keep it sharp it needs tidying each month."

It may seem like high commitment, but the rewards are well worth it - "Done correctly, they are so easy to manage. A micro fringe frames the face, enhances features, looks edgy and is bang on trend."

It may just be the time to take the plunge.

Ready to get your own micro fringe? Head on down to #BLOW in Finnieston or Shawlands to try out their Bang Bar for just £8!

Do you love a micro fringe? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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