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Dead Sleekit - Designer Spotlight

Dead Sleekit - Designer Spotlight

Dead Sleekit (formally known as Naromode) is a label that has been on the Scottish Bitch radar for a while. The lovechild of entrepreneur and creative, Iain MacDonald, the brand has leapt from success to success, building up an impressive reputation and collection of accolades, including a Herald Fashion Award for Scottish Online Fashion Graduate of the year (2014.) We catch up with Iain to find out more about where Dead Sleekit is headed next, as well as the launch of the brand's latest campaign.  

Hey Iain! It's been over 8 months since the Dead Sleekit brand launched. What's been your most exciting adventure in business to date? 

The most exciting adventure to date has to be the development and direction Dead Sleekit as a brand has undergone. We were speaking with ASOS straight away who e-mailed us saying they loved our collection. It has been a huge learning curve and one massive adventure to get to this stage.  One other exciting thing, we met with Glasgow based manufacturers who we've found are the most supportive people on this planet for independent retailers and seeing them thrive!

We're so ready for a SS16 preview. What do you have in store for us?

Our 2016 ready to wear collection will have new some new styles and garments. It will also have some brand new hand drawn textile designs incorporated into our new concept. You can get a sneak peek on our Kickstarter video.

Tell us more about your Kickstarter - what's it all about?

The Kickstarter campaign we are running at the moment is to help kick start and propel us forward with our new and 2nd collection. Whilst we are already designing and working on fashion illustrations at this stage, we are asking for our backers to help us have our textile designs printed onto the fabric. We have some cool rewards in store for our backers! Some people have already pledged for some of our rewards - including awesome hand made bow ties and a bespoke dresses! Our bespoke dress reward will be tailored for each individual backer with their very own hand drawn textile design for their unique dress.

We have already reached 25% of our target funding in just a few days, but we still need everyone, their support and brilliance to see us into the end of the campaign.

Your collections tend to heavily focus on a particular narrative. Where have you drawn your recent inspiration from for your new collection?

Our recent inspiration has been drawn from FX's "American Horror Story", with a twist of Fox's "Scream Queens." If you use your imagination you can really see all the different stories from the TV show, but we have focused on one in particular.

You've been involved in the Scottish Fashion industry for a while now. What would you say is the most challenging aspect?

The most challenging aspect is finding the right support and network for you and your brand and knowing there are people out there who care and want to see you succeed.

Dead Sleekit has a distinct style that can be recognised from a mile away. What do you think the trick is to crafting an individual style?

I would say the trick to creating your own personal style is to make it personal to you. Do what you love and zone in on your best skill and expand from there.

We all have fashion horror stories. Tell us about one awful trend you've been sucked into in the past.

I remember several years ago everyone was that awful trend of every guy wearing chinos (including me!) There was a sea of tan coloured chino legs everywhere. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Name a trend you'd love to bring back.

I cannot say there is a trend I would like to see come back. I believe everyone at the moment wears what they want and if they want to reinvent a trend it is so easy now a days with all the vintage shops and styles in high street retailers to just mix and match all your garments.

Dead Sleekit - The Kickstarter

To find out more about Dead Sleekit's Kickstarter, head on over to their funding page hereWith some seriously cool rewards up for grabs (including bespoke designer scarves beginning from just £150) there's a reward suited for every price point.

Photography by Tom Cairns.

Modelled by Kirstin Gribben and Anna McLaughlin.

Make-up by Samantha Connor.

Hair by Louise Quinn.

What's your favourite Dead Sleekit piece to date? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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