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Festival Season Survival Guide

Festival Season Survival Guide

Summer is here and, with thousands of revellers heading to Donington Park for Download this weekend, the 2016 UK festival season has arrived. With unpredictable weather and potential mud baths looming on the horizon it is better to practice some prior planning and preparation. To help you along the way we have created our own SB Festival Season Survival Guide. With over 200 festivals hosted in the UK from the long established Glastonbury and Isle of Wight festivals to new alternatives such as One Love, Latitude and Boomtown, there is something for everyone, and each year there are thousands of first time festival attendees.

As music and fashion lovers, we look forward to this time of year. We love style spotting whilst discovering new acts. However, with a traditionally “unpredictable” climate, UK festival goers need to be prepared for all eventualities so nothing can rain on your parade. I attended my first festival in 2006, long before “Refresh” shower and hair styling facilities were introduced, so I have learnt some top tips and secrets along the way.

Layer, Layer, Layer

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A key mistake that many make when packing for festivals is that they forget to bring layers. Unfortunately it is not the same as packing for a beach holiday, despite the wide array of bikini and crop tops available on the high street.

That is not to say that you cannot wear a crop top and shorts, by all means do but remember that some of the ultimate style statements involve clever use of layers so to pack plentiful plaid shirts and knits.

If you are wearing a light t-shirt why not layer a heavy-duty denim or cord pinafore a stylish rain mac or bomber jacket. If you are wearing shorts, pack tights just in case and invest in a pair of quality welly socks and boots for that matter.

Layers open a window to stylish yet practical dressing and, luckily for us, the S/S 2016 collections are awash with layering options and transitional sports luxe pieces, which are ideal for festivals. My top choices for the season are dungarees, the oversized bomber and the 90s inspired t-shirt slip dress combo.

Waterproofs are Wonderful

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As a child, my mum’s frequent insistence that I wear unattractive jackets to festivals or on day trips put me off the idea of a waterproofs for some time. That said, I never once got soaked on a family day trip!

Thankfully, today there are heaps of stylish waterproofs on offer from metallic mac raincoats to printed pac-away-macs and ponchos! With many donning the festival mac for city weekend wear, the piece has proven its fashion worth.

Don’t Scrimp on the Sunscreen

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Yes you are in the UK but no, that does not mean that you will not burn. Considering that fact that you are outside all day, the likelihood of sunburn increases.

The last thing you want at a festival is to burn on day one and spend the rest of the weekend suffering, unable to avoid the sun. Plus, red sore skin is not a good look so ensure to bring at least factor 30 sunscreen and reapply throughout the day or invest in P20 so you don’t have to worry about reapplications… trust me it’s worth it!

Finally be sure to pack an SPF lip balm and small bottle of after sun, just in case.

Quick Fix Beauty Tricks

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In amongst the bands, booze and portaloos it can be difficult to maintain any sort of beauty regime and sometimes it can be a struggle to look human. Luckily, many festivals offer refresh shower services. However, some quick fix tricks certainly won’t go a miss.

Firstly, be sure to pack natural brand face wipes and anti-bacterial hand gel. Both these products will keep all the grime at bay and, by investing in natural wipes, you stand a better chance of avoiding breakouts.

Secondly, dry shampoo is your friend- especially on the days between washes or when the shower queue is too long! Most quality dry shampoos give the hair body and absorb any extra oils.

Partying for days on end in a field can wreak havoc on your skin so I would recommend having an SOS solution. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick is perfect as it contains anti-bacterial properties and can treat, spots, cuts and insect bites.

Finally, whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring, your makeup will need extra help to stay put. Therefore, I would advocate buying a makeup setting spray. Many brands such as Urban Decay, Clarins and L’Oréal offer fantastic sprays to ensure you makeup stays in place from day to night.

Be Sure to Bring Your Backpack

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At this point you are probably wondering how on earth you will pack all these layers and beauty products whilst also saving essential space for drink, snacks and camping equipment.

It is certainly possible to carry everything in your bag if you invest in a quality backpack. It may seem like an unnecessary purchase but you will thank me after that 40 minute walk to your campsite and, if you plan to attend more festivals then you will certainly get your money’s worth.

You do not need to hike the backpack around with you all weekend, simply bring a bumbag or a small over the shoulder bag for use during the day.

Festival Season Survival Guide

The most important tip of all is to enjoy yourself and discover new and exciting music! Hopefully, with these top tricks you can rock on in style, without sweating the small stuff. Do you have any survival tips for the festival season? Share your thoughts in the comments below or click here to read more of our Lifestyle posts.

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