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Get Your Glecks On: IOLLA Launches New 2017 Frames

Get Your Glecks On: IOLLA Launches New 2017 Frames

Glaswegian based specs start-up IOLLA have dropped their latest frames, and frankly, they're absolutely beastin'. Last July, we introduced the emerging eyewear brand to the blog, a recent addition to the up and coming area of Finnieston. Spearheaded by owner and designer, Stefan Hunter, the brand has continued to grow in popularity across Scotland, due to its on-trend style solutions available an extremely affordable price point of just £65* per pair - prescription lenses included. (*£125 for multi-focus lenses)

Fast forward to March 2017, and IOLLA have just launched a whole new collection of 2017 Frames.

The 2017 collection is composed of five new styles:


The Connelly - a reinvention of the popular Bell Frame, this time bigger, better and more square than before.


The Wallace - a frame geared towards extraverts. For those who love big statement glasses, but not the pinch of wearing them, this frame comes complete with an acetate bridge at the nose - so you no longer have to suffer for style.


The Murray - an IOLLA first - and a fusion of two current styles: an acetate rounded frame, accentuated with a metal bridge.


The Hoy - a frame for the bold. Unique with distinctive detailing, this frame is geared towards the fashion forward.


The Swinton - Mi-aow! Undoubtedly a frame for cat-eye lovers, and one that is likely to please vintage and contemporary fashion fans alike.

As well as the frames themselves, IOLLA have also introduced a range of new colours - including vanilla, khaki green and baby pink - a welcome season update for the existing frame family.

Stefan Hunter said, "Our new collection was designed with the customer in mind. We’ve taken some of our favourite frames and combined elements to create brand new styles. Each of our new models add something different to the collection and helps both new and existing members of our community update their look.”

In addition to the launch of the new frames and colour choices, IOLLA have relaunched their prescription sunglasses range ahead of the summer months. 60 IOLLA frames will be available to be transformed into sunglasses, each with their own predefined lens filter - available in neutral grey, bronze and classic green.

“We exist to bring beautiful eyewear within the reach of everyone, empowering us all to feel confident about our look and have more fun,” said Hunter.

Indeed, IOLLA continue to change the playing field for specs vendors with the same budget-busting price point applying for even wearers of very high lens prescriptions, “We’re making IOLLA equally accessible to all, no matter your prescription.”

It's an appealing proposition for the price point alone, but to also offer serious style into the bargain? They're unstoppable.

To shop the collection, head on over to IOLLA now.

Do you have a pair of IOLLA specs? What's your favourite from the new collection? Share with us in the comments below!

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