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Occles - The Eyewear You Need this Summer

Occles - The Eyewear You Need this Summer

As we approach the summer months, never before have wistful dreams of lazy days on golden white sands been more prominent in the forefront of our minds. Ahh, just to kick back, relax and listen to the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline. You bring out that paperback book everybody has been urging you to read since the beginning of the year, and where better to lose yourself than surrounded by sheer and utter paradise? All is well.  

That is, until you attempt to open your book and are blinded by the glaring reflection of the pages cast by the sun. Yes, you know exactly what I'm talking about - that lovely searing migraine ensuring that no matter how fabulous your sunglasses may look, end up being swapped out for a soggy beach towel slung over your face. Fear not, innovative brand Occles has just the solution.

Occles - A New Concept in Eyewear

Founded by Edinburgh-based entrepreneurs, Hugh Robertson and Lynne MacLeod, Occles was born of a need to protect peepers from strong ambient light and UV rays. The inception of the product took place in 2011, in Greece, where both founders struggled to relax on a beach due to the high glare. Naturally, keen to avoid embracing the DIY towel sauna situation as a permanent fix, the duo took to their labs for three years of hefty market research and design.

After a crowdfunding campaign, the brand was ready to launch. Kicking off in Las Vegas this year at the Travel Goods Show, the product was received well by both industry critics and consumers alike. Now rolling out the next stage of business development for the brand, the Occles team are making a bid to serial entrepreneur Richard Branson with the #VOOM Pitch 2015.

Occles - A Disruptive Product

Of course, in today's economical climate, a good idea is simply not enough to get by on. Investors are seeking products that are original, technology-focused, medically-beneficial and of course disruptive to the current market. Occles aim to pitch themselves ahead of standard competitors by offering eye protection that not only protects against harsh UV rays, but is also a solution for frequent long-haul travelers trying to catch a nap or two between meetings, as well as provide a futuristic fashion statement for those lazing around the pool without the threat of "panda eyes."

With high acclaim from the US market and a solid USP, we're keen to see where this brand heads next. You can vote for the Occles Team in their bid to pitch to Richard Branson right here. To purchase your very own pair of Occles, head on over here - prices beginning from £22.00.

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