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Review: Now by One Spa, Edinburgh

Review: Now by One Spa, Edinburgh

Fancy tidying up those bushy brows or treating yourself to a manicure but simply don’t have time? Then you are not alone, with many of us balancing 40 hour plus working weeks with family and social commitments, and fitness regimens it is easy to neglect some much needed you time! However, with express salons like Edinburgh’s Now by One Spa popping up left, right and centre working girls and guys can now enjoy relaxing 30 minute treatments in their lunch break... pretty neat, right?

Keen to find out more about the express spa experience, we visited Now by One Spa, located at The Sheraton in Edinburgh!

Express Treatments at Now by One Spa

Situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s financial district, just a hop, skip and jump from Haymarket station, is The Sheraton’s Now by One Spa salon. Ideally located for a post work pick me up, the beautiful open plan salon overlooks Conference Square and offers a perfect escape from the 9 to 5 grind.

Now by One offers a vast range of popular options from HD Brows, LVL Lashes, Spray Tans, OPI Nails, Waxes and CACI lifts but, as an express spa, many of these treatments only take half an hour!

A game changer for busy beauty fanatics, salons like Now by One allow local workers to pop in for a little lunchtime TLC. What better way to cleanse your mind after a stressful morning. Moreover, the Now by One can also rustle you up a healthy lunch to snack on whilst receiving your treatment!

Open from 7am to 10pm, Now by One caters to all from those who are looking to enjoy a relaxing spa day or weekend to those wanting to start their day with a quick facial before work.

Whilst we didn’t visit during a working day, we certainly felt the benefit of a quick and convenient escape. Arriving at 10am, we were ready for a zen morning with a thirty minute treatment each. Corrine tried the OPI Gel Nail Manicure and Laura opted for the Express Facial with Clarisonic Brush Cleanse.

Corrine's OPI Gel Nail Manicure for Hands

The OPI Gel Nail Manicure was my treatment of choice as my overgrown, bare fingernails were in much need of some TLC.

In recent years I have been won over by the power of gel manicures over standard polish and have waved goodbye to smudges, chips and awkwardly fumbling around afraid to touch anything whilst the varnish dries.

However, often intricate gel manicures can take time and, therefore, appointments at weekends can be difficult to come by so the idea of an express treatment at lunchtime appealed greatly!

With a range of quality OPI Gel Polishes available Now by One offer something for everyone from seasonal cute pastels, summer brights and a range of everyday nudes through to daring reds, deep purples and rock and roll blacks. I opted for a lilac pastel to get into the springtime spirit.

Directly overlooking Conference Square the windowed nail bar, awash with sunlight, set the scene for a blissful escape. Despite the fact that the express treatment lasted only 30 minutes, no detail was overlooked and the experience felt anything but rushed.

As with any other manicure, Emma started by filing and buffing my nails and trimming my cuticles before carefully applying a base coat before the gel and then securing with a top layer. The experience was topped off by massaging some essential oils into the nail bed.

I was delighted with the end result, in just 30 minutes my nails were transformed with a strong shape and a cute colour! What’s more, I was able to achieve a state of complete relaxation.


Laura's Express Facial with Clarisonic Brush Cleanse

Leading the young working professional life, juggling your hobbies, keeping fit and staying in touch with friends without a doubt takes it's toll. From 4am flights, to beating the roasting hot city pavement from appointment to appointment, there's little time to reapply lipstick, never mind considering a facial.

However, with the introduction of speedy spas, like Now by One Spa, I wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to check out on my lunch break and enjoy a little "me-time."

With my face looking more than a little tired, and well, grey, I decided to opt for an express facial with the Clarisonic Brush Cleanse at Now by One Spa.

Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed by the Now at One Spa team, and guided down into their state of the art express salon. Being something of allergy magnet, I advised the team that I was potentially their worst nightmare!

However, I need not have worried - as I was guided over onto the treatment chair, I was assured the products that were to be used on my skin would be very gentle, and was provided with the ingredients of my chosen ESPA skin care products to double and triple check before proceeding.

Everything, of course, was perfect and with that I was invited to hop into one of a row of treatment chairs. I settled down - and the experience began. The footstool my feet were resting upon began to purr, as did the back of the chair, and I was treated to a vibrating massage - an unexpected bonus!

The treatment began with a cleanse to remove all the oils and dirt from my pores, using the Balancing Foam Cleanser. The Bio-Active Eye Cleanser was also used to soothe my tired eyes and wipe away my very stubborn (but effective) mascara.

After thoroughly cleansing my skin, warm humid steam was applied to my face to open up clogged pores, and allow the aromatically delightful Balancing Herbal Spafresh to refresh and clarify my skin. Already, I was feeling much better. My skin, instead of feeling grubby and gritty, felt smooth, soft and supple.

The next part of the treatment focused on putting some much needed moisture back into my skin using the 24-Hour Balancing Moisturiser, Nourishing Lip Treatment, before finally finishing off with the Tri-Active Advanced Instant Facial.

I opened my eyes and was truly delighted with the results - despite being completely bare of any make-up, my skin with completely rejuvenated, and I could feel confident walking out of the salon, blush and mascara free.

Self-Care on the Go - Now by One Spa

No matter how busy our lives become, it's always important to check in and take some time for ourselves in order to maintain a healthy sense of self. Completed in 40 minutes, it's safe to say a treatment at Now by One Spa is a lunch time break well-spent.

How do you get your dose of self care during the working week? Tell us all in the comments!

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