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Short Hair, Do Care: Our Top Styling Tips

Short Hair, Do Care: Our Top Styling Tips

Its official… short hair is back on-trend for S/S 2016! Tussled beach waves were swapped for cute crops and buzz cuts by designers such as Lavin, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci and Versace, which is great news for a certain pixie cropped SB. With short, sleek hair back in vogue for the summer months, I have decided to share my top tips on how to maintain a shorter length. It is a common misconception that short hair is easier to maintain, simply because these is less of it. Since chopping my locks four years ago I have been faced with the same statement time and time again: “It must be so much easier to take care of”, this is not, strictly speaking, true.

Short cuts are bold and fun but ensuring your crop looks fierce outside the salon does involve some work! More frequent trips to the salon are a must as is establishing a hair care routine but do not fear, Scottish Bitches are here to help you rock a new crop so get ready to trim your bangs and join the #shorthairdontcare movement!

Stick to a Trimming Schedule

Once opting for a short cut you will, likely, be amazed by the speed of your hair growth. With long locks hair growth can be difficult to monitor and, as a result, it is possible to go months without a visit to the salon but skip a cut with short hair, and you may end up donning sideburns like Elvis Presley!

The lines in a short cut are more precise and, therefore, growth is more noticeable. Maintenance of short crops should be clockwork and it is advisable to book a trim at least every four to six weeks.

Reverse Heat Damage

Often, if long hair is severely damaged or dead then a stylist will chop inches off in one go, so what happens when you damage short hair?! Essentially you are stuck with it, unless there is more scope to chop or you decide to brave a buzz cut, which is why daily hair care is so important.

Using heated tools is an inevitable part of modern hair styling so to compensate for the damage we must use products that protect, hydrate, moisturise and restore keratin. Prior to styling I recommend using TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray. The spray is light and prevents hair from looking dry and brittle.

To hydrate and restore keratin, use Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti Breakage serum two to three times a week. When applied to wet or damp hair, this product packed with natural proteins helps restore hair to its former glory.

Finally, to give your hair the ultimate in TLC then apply a weekly mask. We recommend Wella’s Paraben-Free Reconstructing Mask. Simply apply to damp hair and leave on for 10-15 minutes in a warm towel for a salon worthy treatment.

Work with your Hair Texture

Whether it is fine like mine or thick, you need to ensure that your cut works with the hairs natural texture.

Generally speaking women with fine hair require a blunt cut to give the allusion of thickness whilst thicker hair requires more texture. If you are looking to go for a short crop this season consult a stylist first and they will recommend what style of cut best suits your hair texture and face shape.

Different products are needed to tackle different hair textures. For fine hair, I would advise using a mousse to give your hair extra shape and volume. Currently, I use TRESemmé’s Perfectly (un)Done as it offers the right amount of texture for short hair but make sure not to use too much!

For those with thicker hair, many texture creams and styling lotions can be used to separate hair for texture. Why not try Bumble and Bumble’s Grooming Cream for natural looking separation.

Pick your Products Wisely

There is always an element of trial and error when it comes to picking what products best suit your haircut and texture, so take some time to experiment and find what works best for you. Some essentials I always have on hand are Batiste dry shampoo, Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray and L’Oréal Studio Line Rework Architect Wax.

Have Fun with your Style

Short hair is fun, it is feminine yet adds instant edge to your style. Although you may have less hair to play with, there are still lots of looks and styles you can go for, be it a quiff, messy curls or a sleeked back look!

Tips for Maintaining Short Hair

Have you braved a short crop this year? What are your top tips for maintaining short hair? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! 

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