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Statement of the Season: Wide Leg Trousers

Statement of the Season: Wide Leg Trousers


Featured Image: Pink High-Waisted Rib Culottes - Nobody's Child - £14.00

For too long, our legs have been squeezed by the confines of skinny jeans. For too long have we squeezed our fleshy stubs into disco pants and risked the deadly ailment of compartment syndrome. This spring/summer, I cry, "no more!" for wide leg trousers are in and they're here to stay.

Vertically challenged at the below-average height of 5ft 4", the fashion authorities that be (read: magazines) dictate that wide leg trousers are simply not flattering for a lady of my height and stature. But, to them I say, the rules are meant to be broken. I've lived my early twenties out in cigarette trousers and pedal pushers - and in the year that celebrates over-exaggerated silhouettes, I want my slice of the fun.

Of course, with a hefty outline, comes a style responsibility, that can quickly turn into a fashion disaster. With so much fabric, how can one pull a pair of wide leg trousers off without a) becoming entirely enveloped by the fabric itself and b) survive the statement and pull off a pair for day-to-day living?

Fear not, I give you the low-down on everything you need to know about pulling off wide leg trousers, without looking like a toddler playing dress-up.

Cropped Trousers with Belt - Zara - £19.99
Cropped Trousers with Belt - Zara - £19.99

Go High-Waisted or Go Home

The key to pulling off a pair of wide-leg trousers is getting the proportions right - and I can't emphasise enough how important this is if you're, ahem, lacking in the height department. Wide leg trousers will help to create the illusion of slender gams, but if you're short, there's not going to be a lot there to work with.

To avoid having to resort to heels every time you wear your pair - because let's face it, nobody has time for that kind of pain - choose a wide-leg style that reaches to your belly button or above. Large decorative pockets and detailing will visually enlarge your hips, so if you're conscious of that body area, try to do without. However, opting for a "paper-bag" style belted waist will help to define your body shape and diffuse a busty/hippy figure to less characateur proportions.

Accessorise with a belt or scarf around the waist to add to the illusion.

Go Tight on Top

Obviously, this piece of advice comes with the disclaimer that it is entirely down to the pair of wide leg trousers themselves, however, as a general rule of thumb, you won't go wrong by choosing a fitted top to tuck into your waistline.

With more material, you run the risk of losing your frame entirely - and unless you have the grace of a runway model, or the don't-give-AF attitude of Leandra Medine, you're probably not going to pull the potato sack look off.

However, this doesn't restrict you to bodysuits, turtlenecks and - heaven forbid - tank tops. Opting for a crisp white blouse with frilly flute sleeves, or something equally en-trend is totally fine - as long as it is tucked into the waistband.


Heel Up*

This tip comes with an asterisk, for if I were to tell you this as gospel, then I myself would be a hypocrite - as I love nothing more than pairing my wide leg trousers with a super ugly, but sartorially chic flat granny loafer or a vintage trainer. However, the ability to pull this off comes down to the length of your wide leg trousers. A pretty good rule to measure if you're going to trial a flat shoe with your wide leg trousers is exactly where they fall on your legs.

If the length is just above the ankle, then wire in. If you wide leg trousers fall further, then I'm afraid, for optimum chic, your best bet is probably to go with a substantial heel of four inches or more. Boots, I find, make this far more bearable during a working day.

Wide Leg Trousers in 2017

Wide leg trousers are everywhere this season and they're kind of like jeans. Some will suit - and some won't, so your best bet is to physically try them on before taking the plunge. The only question left is, how will you choose to style them up?

Will you be rocking wide leg trousers this spring? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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