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The 2017 Fashion Trends You Need to Know

The 2017 Fashion Trends You Need to Know

2016 was a bloody great year for fashion. From velvet jumpsuits, to the return of straight leg jeans, the year brought binned cheap chiffon shirts, and brought back everything this Scottish Bitch loved sartorially. After a few years of struggling with body-con cut-outs, butt-ugly glitter encrusted everything and extortionately priced ripped jeans, 2016 was nothing short of a gift from the fashion gods. With such a great year for our wardrobes, will the impending 2017 fashion trends fill us with anxiety or anticipation? We share our trend predictions for the 2017 fashion trends:

2017 Fashion Trends - What's In


2016 re-established the blue and white striped Oxford shirt as a wardrobe staple. With embroidery, or without, stripes aren't going anywhere - this time they'll come in both the thick and thin variety. We recommend an investment in a good old nautical number like a classic boatneck as even after the "Stripe" fad has faded, you'll never go wrong with a Breton-meets-dark-denim combo.


We're already starting to see yellow making an appearance on the high street shelves (we're looking at you, Marks and Spencers) however, yellow has been pegged to be the colour of 2017 since just about everyone and their aunt seemingly worked the sunshine tones into their seasonal SS17 palette at London Fashion Week. Opt to buy up a few key pieces in varying hues according to your skin tone. If making a statement in mustard is too bold for you, try utilising yellow as an accent against navy or grey.


2017 isn't exactly going to be a subtle year. Haven't you heard? Alongside the return of yellow, pink is the new black. Celine, Valentino and Gucci all claimed their mark on the colour during the SS17 shows. Pink's never an easy colour to wear, so approach it like you would like pick lipstick - are you more Mac's Brave, or Pink Nouveau? There's a distinct difference between the two - and there's a pink tone for everyone.

Exaggerated Silhouettes

Cheery bye, body-con, the 80's are back and they've brought their shoulder-pads. If you're an avid shopper, you may have already noticed the subtle transition in stores from 70's flares and high necked tops, to the newly stocked frills and asymmetrical lines synonymous with the cheesiest era on record. 2017 is set to emphasise this trend further, so it's time to stop focusing on what you think enhances your body contour, and instead what makes you look like a girl boss.


Be still my beating heart. Cats are back. Thanks to Stella McCartney's AW16/17 collection, which notably featured many a cat, purrfect prints began to pop up all over the joint towards the latter half of 2016. Now, we're seeing a transition into the high street, with the likes of TopShop and Zara owning fur babies. Crazy cat ladies, rejoice.

2017 Fashion Trends - What's Out

Bardot Tops

Bardot tops are likely to remain on the scene for a good few months yet, however, if there's ever been a trend we're ready to call time on, it's the Bardot. It's not a particularly popular silhouette within the fashion world - certainly in comparison to the frequent re-emergence of androgynous styles and power dressing. Our advice? Don't make your investments here in 2017. It'll be out before you know it.


Has there ever been an item of clothing more impractical than the cold-shoulder jumper? Whilst it may look snazzy, the practicalities leave a Scottish Bitch wondering, will it stick around? Stick to your granddad and granny knits - there's a reason they're nicknamed after pensioners - they stand the test of time.

High Heels

We've already expressed our love of the granny shoe, but a quick sweep of the new stock on the high street is a clear indicator sky scraper heels are out. After all, who has the time to teeter around on stilettos when there's so much to do in modern day life, and so little time to do it in! They're just not worth the pain.

Skinny Jeans

100% cotton is back, and it's better than ever. Stretch denim may have reigned supreme for almost a decade, but it's finally time to ditch your skinnies for a good-old classic straight leg. Even although straight-leg jeans are trickier to stile, trust us when we say, not only will you look cool as, it's far better for your health too.

What 2017 fashion trends are you looking forward to? Which 2016 trends will you be sad to see go? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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