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3 Underrated Zombie Movies You Need To See

As far as zombie movies go, we like to consider ourselves something of connoisseurs. From George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, to Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, there’s no flesh-feast we’ve left unwatched. However, like many horror fans, we appreciate zombie movies can become cliche and contrived, so we’ve listed our top three underrated zombie movies you need to see next.     […]

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Virtual Reality: Why Fashion Industry Should Take Notice

Virtual reality for a long time has been in realms of science fiction: from Stanley G. Weinbaum’s “Pygmalion’s Spectacles”, the first recognised work of fiction to feature virtual reality to Star Trek’s Holodeck and of course the Matrix where (16 year old spoiler alert) the protagonist Neo, discovers he has been living in a simulated world his whole life. There have been very few notable […]

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Brace Yourselves – A/W 2016 is Coming

It’s been a not-so-sunny summer filled full of 70’s style. However, depressingly we have to come to admit, the month of August is approaching far too close, and winter is coming. So, what can we expect in the way of trends for A/W 2016? Scottish Bitches investigates…         View image | gettyimages.com           Graphic Monochrome – A/W 2016 […]

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3 Plugins You Need For Your WordPress Blog

Are you running a blog on WordPress? At first the transition from a super simply platform like Blogger can be quite daunting. However, WordPress as a blogging platform comes with a whole hog roast of benefits. From search engine optimisation tools, through to preventing spammy traffic to your site, we present the 3 plugins you need for your WordPress blog.   Yoast SEO – Plugins […]

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The Story of Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue

Meet Casper – the latest recruit to the Scottish Bitches team. Cheeky, downright crazy and oh so very fluffy, this little puffball would never have come into our lives if it were not for Sunny Harbour – a cat rescue, situated in Lochgelly, Fife. Founded by Sarah and Paul Ross, the team at Sunny Harbour operate on a non-profit, no-kill basis. However, not only operating […]

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The Ultimate Parisian Wardrobe Guide

What is it about the Parisian Wardrobe?   French femmes are nothing short of flawless in style – and effortlessly so. If there’s a style lesson anybody should take, it’s how to master the art of looking French. Of course, Paris is widely considered the fashion capital of the world, second only to Milan. With industry giants such as Isabel Marant, Sonia Rykiel and Chanel […]

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How To Beat: Chub Rub

We really do love the summer – all one week of it here in Scotland, but inevitably, living in a city that is lucky to reach ten degree celsius, we, as a nation, are horrifically under prepared for the summer menace known as Chub Rub. Fear not, armed with aloe vera in one hand and factor 50 suncream in the other, we present our guide […]

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3 Common Challenges Faced by Career Women

If you’ve been anywhere near the Twittersphere of late, you’ll have no doubt come across the trending hashtag, #DontMancriminate. Spawned from the pen of writer, Jahanvi Maheshwari for Maggcom magazine, the article put forward a dubious case of “manism” or the discrimination against men. Putting forth “compelling” arguments such as men are still expected to hold doors (which, in all honesty, we had down as […]

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All About the Brand: Fernweh

  As summer draws nearer everyday, families and friends across the UK are already planning their next big adventure. For a budding entrepreneur in Aberdeen, it’s the online launch of her rock-climbing lifestyle brand, Fernweh. Derived from the meaning of wanderlust, Fernweh is the brain child of fashion designer Laura Sherriffs. Fueled by her passion for all things adrenaline-based, Sherriffs has shifted focus from her […]

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5 Amazing AirBnB Places You Must Stay In

If you haven’t heard of AirBnB by now, then you’re either my dad or you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years. The digital age has produced savvy-consumers, now seeking only the best bang for their buck – and after, who can blame them? With city hotel prices in popular destinations such as New York being high, tourists are swapping out hotel […]