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All Hail the Granny Shoe

There are many lessons we can learn from our grandparents, however, taking tips from our elders wardrobes’ is not typically one of them. Nevertheless, one of the most popular trends to emerge from 2016 is that of the Granny Shoe – that is, the low-heel, closed toe phenomenon sweeping up just about every high street store around.

But, much like the emergence of “mom jeans”, the adoption of the granny shoe has been met with some resistance – after all, a shoe that is socially seen to be utterly ugly will take an open sartorial mind, and an even bigger dose of courage to wear.

However, after years of battling with stilettos, rubbing the heels and joints of feet raw with poorly designed shoes all for the sake of vanity, could there be a place in the wardrobe for granny’s favourite? Certainly, it would save a lot of high-heel perpetrated injuries, without having to sacrifice silhouette when wearing difficult pieces such as a midi skirt or culottes.

Faced with yet another band of blisters across my feet after wearing some platform mules, I took on the challenge of drafting the granny shoe into my wardrobe arsenal, seeking sweet salvation for my little piggies.

Taking on the challenge, was the Topshop Juno Soft Mid-Heel in grey – the holy grail of comfort – composed of soft, supple leather-like material.

Granny Shoe meets the Wedding

There’s nothing quite like diving into the deep end, so I decided to go full-out and test the waters with the granny shoe at one of the most fashionably temperamental events possible – a wedding.

With so many fashion faux-pas to avoid, one did wonder if wearing a granny shoe would be a little inappropriate, but the thought of wearing high heels for over twelve hours, complete with vigorous dancing, was simply too much to bear.

granny shoe

The shoes went on, and my, did it rock.

Nothing short of feeling like I was wearing slippers through the day and night, the granny shoe was in good company, teamed with a statement print dress by Warehouse, complimented by pastel tones, accessories and matching grey nail polish, meaning the outfit looked less “Dot Cotton” inspired, and more sartorial chic.

Granny Shoe meets the Workplace

Whilst the workplace offers considerably lower style stakes than the wedding, the frump factor becomes a challenge. How does one nail the granny shoe, without looking like they’ve stepped straight out of an old folks’ home?

granny shoe

The answer lies in leather. Teamed up with the M&S “skirt of the year“, channelling a coloured-leather midi wrap skirt, complete with a high necked ribbed t-shirt from Nobody’s Child is the perfect way to move from frump to fabulous, without compromising professional appearance.

Granny Shoe meets Date Night

The biggest challenge of all – pulling off granny shoes on a date in a manner that doesn’t instantly man repel.

granny shoe

Of course, us Scottish Bitches are not shy of wearing the man-repelling item or two, but not everybody is quite as comfortable – hence, creating a look that can be worn comfortably by everybody was the ultimate aim of this goal.

In this instance, I stuck to the fashion classics – a little printed button up and mid-blue skinnies, paired with a statement pastel trench and classic tote bag. Instant chic and comfort in one.

Tips for Wearing Granny Shoes

Still feeling apprehensive about trying out the granny shoe? Adhere our fashion commandments and you won’t go wrong.

  • Do wear your granny shoes with awkward length bottoms. There’s never been a combination more suited and chic than a midi skirt or pair of culottes with a pair of granny shoes. Opt for rougher textures – this will help to defrump the shoe and bring a little rock and roll back into the look.


  • Don’t wear black or opaque tights with your shoes. That’s what winter boots are for! Nothing will date your look quicker. If you must, opt for tan coloured tights to protect against a chill.


  • Do wear your granny shoes with boyfriend jeans. Playing about with masculine silhouettes can create a visually compelling juxtaposition with the granny shoes.


  • Don’t go whole-hog-girly. Unless you’re going for the Shirley Temple look, going too girly with your granny shoes will simply look like you’re playing dress up, or worse playing as mutton dressed as lamb. Yikes.


What do you think of the granny shoe trend? Would you swap out your stilettos for a block heel? How have you overcome the frump? Share your top tips with us in the comments below!

Marketer by day, cake monster by night. Laura is a self-confessed crazy cat lady. She believes there's nothing better than a great pair of leather loafers.


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