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Style Innovation: The Wearable Tech That’s Causing a Storm

From self-charging solar panel jackets to the latest release of the Apple Watch, wearable tech is extending its hold on our everyday lives. But, realistically speaking, how far can such style innovation go? Are we really prepared to don the latest woolen hat that beeps to let you know you’re heading into serious hat-hair territory? Or indeed, style our next modern wardrobe piece against the television tummies of the Teletubbies? We certainly hope not.

Perhaps, we are not destined to be avatars for a popular toddler’s show. Here’s how wearable tech is causing a storm in the fashion industry:


a michael kors charging lipstick

A Stylish Source of Energy

As far as wearable tech goes, Michael Kors is attempting to soothe the headache of poor battery life. With CEO, John Idol vowing to dedicate efforts into developing wearable tech, fans of the brand can already scoop up affordable luxury gizmos such as compact mirrors and lipstick tubes that double as a power source for smartphones. Having a full battery life never looked so good.


A photo of some ringlys


Rings That Actually Ring

Are you a chronic misser-of-phone-calls? Us too. Working in a corporate world means that we can’t always have our smartphones at our disposal. Enter Ringly and their signature product. Never miss a call again with Ringly’s vibrating rings – that’s right, wearable rings that will vibrate when you have a call incoming. Also available to set up as a reminder for your next meeting, Ringlys are the perfect solution for situations where watching the clock is simply not appropriate. The next batch are set to be dispatched this summer – you can pre-order your very own Ringly here.



stelle audio couture clutch and speakers

Accessories That Sound Incredible

Incredible outfit? Check. Pre-drinks at friends? Check. Clutch-turned-Stereo? Che- wait, what?

Yep – you’ve guessed it. Fashion tech brand, Stelle Audio Couture have hit the mark with their very own accessory speakers. Never be without great music again with a clutch that packs more than just your lipstick and money for the night. In addition to their signature collection, Stelle Audio Couture have also teamed up with Rebecca Minkoff to create a high-tech accessories collection that will make any style addict’s bank balance weep. Get your very own here.


Wearable Tech in 2015

Whilst wearable tech has been on the scene for a considerable period of time, it is only really in 2015 that we are seeing actual collections breaking into mainstream fashion. What are your thoughts on wearable tech in 2015? Would you sport of Stelle Audio Clutch or a Ringly? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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